Climate Temperature Facts

Warning: US Temperature Record Undermines Global Warming Theory.

As anyone can discover for themselves, climate temperatures across the US are very stable.  Temperatures collected from the US Historical Climatology Network are taken at hundreds of monitoring stations that are widely distributed over the continental US. All of its data is used to form a very enlightening picture climate behavior.

Despite the seeming simplicity of the various analyses, the patterns of temperature and heat variation are very illuminating.  In fact several observations derived from the analyses are so profound as to conflict with current public alarm over global warming, or climate change.

Collected Observations

  • There is no evidence of an unambiguous, sustained warming trend.
  • Such remarkably consistent statistical patterns cannot be an accident.
  • Station historical averages prove to be prevailing temperatures.
  • Temperatures are part of a strongly coupled system of solar levels and ocean cycles.
  • The seasonal temperature lag and strong solar-ocean coupling mean that “tipping point” claims are impossible.

Don’t believe the analysis or observations?

Do the analyses for yourselves. None of them require much more than arithmetic averaging. However, the 1895 to 2014 span includes more than 118,000 records, making it cumbersome, but not impossible, to use a spreadsheet.  I favor using tables and query methods in  a relational database in stead.